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“Goodbye” invasion of privacy, “Hello” invitation to privacy

Pragya Patra

Senior Planner Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon


An incessant onslaught of advertising follows your search behavior. When one adds to this the phantom of independent data brokers selling aggregated online data to brands,is the consumer left empowered or vulnerable? Privacy (or lack of it) has been among the key concerns accompanying the rising buzz around big data.

Growing demand for wearable technology takes the privacy debate even further as consumers invite brands into their personal space, making brand access to consumer information even more acceptable. The news of Google and Levi’s collaborating to create clothes woven with conductive yarn potentially moves wearables beyond the heart rate monitoring fitness band and phone synced smartwatch to a new generation of products that seamlessly integrate the clothes we wear and the technology we use.

The resulting big data will yield richer consumer understanding. To truly empower consumers, brands need to leverage this data to deliver real value and better brand experiences. Allowing brands this deep into the consumers’ private space will make interactions more relevant and personalized and will also raise new issues about boundries and trust.