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Depict responsible empowerment not mindless entitlement

Aparna Jain

Planning Director Ogilvy & Mather


With financial and social empowerment comes personal responsibility. However, urban Indians seem to be recklessly enjoying their new found empowerment... no holds barred. This is seen in the indulgences and over-indulgences of various kinds, which are reflected in rising lifestyle diseases, drunken driving, substance abuse among the youth and road rage to name just a few examples. But real empowerment will come when we as a country can enjoy it without abusing it.

Empowerment helps us gain control over our lives. It signals change and progress, yes. But to mistake empowerment for entitlement can be the very thing that undoes us. How
can brands help? Brands have already begun nudging at the corners of social change with advertising that shows same-sex couples, live-in relationships, delayed marriages and other contemporary social phenomena. Perhaps it’s also time for brands to show that without balance, responsibility and even self-imposed restrictions, empowerment may well be pointless.