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New fashions empower, rather than oppress

Alisha Attarwala

Assistant Planner Ogilvy & Mather 


Fashion has been clubbed with words like “oppression” and “victims,” but recently fashion has started empowering Indian women. For young women in smaller towns, fashion is not only a means to be on par with their cosmopolitan counterparts, but is also a way of feeling empowered and confident.

For sources of inspiration young women turn to reality TV shows, Instagram, Pinterest, make up tutorials on YouTube, Indian and international fashion blogs, and beauty apps. 

These women may have money but they lack fashion awareness, so they turn to these sources for ideas to enhance their personal style and fulfill their desire to stand out.

Young women also tend to buy more for less by shopping on the street, or online on Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong and similar online outlets so that they can embrace fast fashion and be trendsetters themselves. In a time of constantly changing fashion, staying up-to- date with what they wear gives these women the opportunity and means to empower themselves.