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Engage with consumers as if forming friendships

Siddhanth Hoskote

Account Manager

Millward Brown 


Close to half of all Indians are less than 30 years old and a vast majority have virtually grown up on Cadbury’s chocolates and Maggi noodles.

They’ve guzzled Old Monk Rum through college with that trusty Nokia handset at their side, and today they can’t do without Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to let the world know what they’re all up to.

It really isn’t that surprising that our relationships with some brands are like our relationships with very special people in our lives. Just as there is always someone we want pour our heart out to when we’re upset, there almost always is a brand people connect with when there is no one to talk to. And just as we all look forward to celebrating our successes with our loved ones, some brands invariably have a part to play in those special moments.

It follows that how we interact as people is a good model for the relationships built between a brand and its customers. When relationships are threatened, talk to your customers, clarify misunderstandings, own up to your faults and apologize. Build trust – the bedrock of all relationships. Woo customers and bring the magic back into their lives!