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?Mobile enables Indian Jugaad resourcefulness

Aditi Jain

Account Planning Manager 

J. Walter Thompsom 



Indians are famously jugaadu. Perhaps it was the lack of resources that we, as a culture, grappled with in the past that triggered our resourcefulness and enabled us to make the best use of what we have around. One such device that has presented unprecedented resourcefulness to us is the mobile phone.

You step into a small town and all around you will see new businesses that the mobile phone has created or visibly augmented. You can now have a “missed-call” auto wallah at your disposal, an auto rickshaw driver who can be summoned with a missed call signal, for which the caller isn’t charged.

A momo-wallah, a street vendor selling dumplings, may double up as an insurance broker. Or you may encounter a gaana-bharne walla, a mobile friendly person who’ll fill your phone with the latest songs for INR 20 ($0.31) each, downloaded from his computer.

These resourceful people are almost like the personification of an app – an app that simplifies your life! Any jugaadu individual with an idea and determination has embraced the mobile phone as a point of contact that doubles up as an identity – a virtual address if you will. And the mobile phone, in turn has enabled the jugaadu person, transforming his or her idea into real opportunity.