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New audience recruitment platform for FMCG brands

Krishna Vilasini Bharadwaj

India Practice Chair, Health and Wellness 

Genesis Burson-Marsteller 


The next growth driver for the FMCG in India is the “live events” space. From the time an event is announced to the time it is executed, every leg of the journey presents itself as an opportunity for a consumer brand to engage. Live entertainment serves as an avenue to build, sustain and engage audiences that brands have spent time acquiring.

A veritable hotbed of untapped potential customers is right there for marketers keen to promote their FMCG brands with a medium that probably is not yet part of their marketing mix. For example, live events like VH1 Supersonic or Sunburn concerts offer major opportunities for categories like beauty and personal care, including sunscreens, moisturizers or even mosquito repellents, along with the usual suspects – energy drinks, refreshments or fashion accessories.

Live events also present marketers with an opportunity to recruit new customers. Live music events are ideal for marketers who want their niche products to be sampled by first-time users. For instance, a tissue brand that is looking to capture the 14-to-20 age group could launch its new variant at a New Year “sundowner” in Goa.