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Marketers must improve response to multitasking and multi-screening

Warish Jain

Senior Research Executive 

Millward Brown 



Indian consumers are increasingly involved in multitasking, driving an unprecedented level of multi-screening on media. According to Millward Brown’s AdReaction 2014 report, Indians spend on average around 162 minutes and 95 minutes per day, respectively, accessing smartphones and laptops, and 96 minutes watching TV. Additionally, Indians multiscreen 91 minutes of their 96 minutes of TV viewing time, and 39 percent of people media mesh, texting while watching a video, for example.

Marketers recognize the importance of multiscreen campaigns, but most are not really investing in this area. A report from the US-based Association of National Advertisers predicts that half of all marketers will spend on multiscreen campaigns in next three years, compared with only 20 percent today. More importantly, 88 percent of marketers, compared with 48 percent today, will advocate using multiscreen.

While marketers are aware of the need to optimize investments for maximum impact this does not reflect in their media choices. Millward Brown’s CrossMedia© studies of brands in India suggest that while TV is an effective medium, marketers waste precious resources on it by allocating money to campaigns delivering much higher frequencies than optimum. The same money invested on other media could have delivered a better impact on brand KPIs.