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Marketers advance social causes relevant to brands

Sujit Gupta

Research Executive

Millward Brown 


Driven by changing consumer expectations and a desire to participate in advancing the common welfare of India, marketers increasingly support social responsibility initiatives that that are relevant to their brands.

In a recent campaign, Ching’s Secret, a Chinese food popular in India, collaborates with Yash Raj Films on short video for the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which provides school lunches. The video asks people to donate a small amount that will feed a child for an entire year and help ensure that hunger does not prevent children from getting an education.

The popular video is just one example of the many brands that have come forward and showcased their support for various social issues prevalent in India. Branding with a social purpose or a cause not only enhances the brand image but also extends awareness for the cause beyond the target audience.