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Craft the brand story well and tell it persuasively

Atul Sharma

Head, Step Up Genesis Burson-Marsteller 


Start-ups have one shot at getting everything right: they need to explain the brand proposition quickly, coherently and persuasively to an influential audience. Success drives the stock up; mistakes can bring it the point of re-start. Here are three things to keep in mind when presenting a brand for the first time:

Timing is everything. Telling a good story about how you started, about your experiences and your company’s core values helps open up new opportunities.

Angels are watching you. When you talk to the press, potential investors notice you. Third party experts make you visible in industry and local news sources, making you an attractive brand that stands out in a crowded marketplace. 

Innovation makes news. Journalists will always love to discuss something positive and innovative in any field. So, whether it’s your brand’s design, ease of use or cost-effectiveness – push it forward. 

When you invest in good public relations, you are investing in relationships, engagement, communities, and brand awareness. A well executed PR campaign has a long life; it builds credibility in the industry, among investors and with the wider community.