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Move over pop culture, India has a counterculture

Nisha Ganneri

Planning Director
Ogilvy & Mather 


Mainstream finally has competition in India. The Internet is empowering a counterculture. You may say it’s just two tweets of fame but actually the Internet is enabling young talent to come into their own and connect with young people across the country.

Thanks to the Internet, independent films like Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus and Court, have gained a strong following among young people. This is not Bollywood.

Music festivals like NH7 Weekender, buoyed by the Internet, are expanding and showcasing Indian talent across diverse genres of music (read non-tinsel town). Groups like AIB and TVF are ushering in not just a different take on comedy, but are also questioning the norm.

Youth brands need  to be bold enough to walk down this less trod counterculture path. A brand that connects with youth by embracing the counterculture stands to gain a lot. Not only will it get noticed and talked about, but it also can become the “badge brand” that the youth likes to be associated with.