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Embrace what’s real to appeal to the young

Saumya Baijal

Planning Director
Ogilvy & Mather, Gurgaon 



The word “normal” has no definition anymore. Taboos are mere words. The young accept and celebrate the real, whether it is their own emotions, choices or mistakes. Young India is tolerant; free in its thought and liberated in its approach. The notions are simple. Whether it is the outpouring of support to legalize same-sex relationships, celebrate the first transgender school principal, or the struggle for equality across genders; acceptance of the real is the new popular. 

The young recognize undercurrents, make their own judgments and fight for what they believe is right. Boys can cry. Women can hurl, hit and fight. The brands they love are
real. Levi’s and Diesel apparel or the fashion accessory makers Fastrack and Raga each communicate emotionally. Brands that are succeeding aren’t insisting on conformity and convention, instead they embrace imperfections and truth.