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India 2015: OVERVIEW | BrandZ Stock Portfolio

Strong valuable brands deliver superior shareholder return

BrandZ India Top 50 Portfolio outperforms SENSEX

A stock portfolio comprised of the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands increased a healthy 18.6 percent in value between August 2014 and July 2015, while over the same 12-month period, India’s SENSEX, a weighted index of 30 stocks on the Bombay Stock Exchange, increased only 1.5 percent. 

The performance of the BrandZTM India Top 50 Portfolio demonstrates another key reason for building strong, valuable brands. They not only drive sales volume and market share growth, but strong, valuable brands also generate superior returns for shareholders. In outperforming SENSEX, the BrandZTM India Top 50 Portfolio produced an ROI that’s more than 12 times greater. Put another way, $1,000 invested in the BrandZTM India Top 50 Portfolio would have grown in just a year to $1,186. The $1,000 invested in the SENSEX stocks would be worth only $1,015.