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India 2015: OVERVIEW | Our Insights | DIGITAL

Brands must harness digital or be left behind

Pawan Singh

Research Executive
Millward Brown 



Remember the MTS telecom ad where a baby argues with God, refusing to be born to parents who don’t have Wi-Fi in their home? That summarizes how seriously consumers take digital connectivity. It also suggests the challenge facing brands to either harness the power of the digital age, and reach consumers creatively at each step of the purchase journey, or be left behind by more adroit competitors.

Old Spice offers a good example of digital sophistication when it leverages its viral videos and answers fan-submitted questions.

There are many examples of brands that have made mistakes in the digital age and, one hopes, learned from them. Consider how the eight hours a certain airline took to respond to a tweeted lost luggage message exposed its customer service failings to thousands of people.

Brands need to be proactive with digital. As consumers shift from awareness to consideration, and then purchase, brands must harness digital media to create authentic customer focused engagement programs. After all, the “7 Ps” of marketing now have an eighth “P” – “Personalization.”