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India 2015: OVERVIEW | Our Insights | EMPOWERMENT

Rising singles market offers new opportunity

Shriya Sengupta

Group Head Planning
Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai 


Single at 25-plus is a taboo in India. The family is constantly pressuring these singles to “settle down” and society perceives them as having a problem finding a match. Choosing to ignore this pressure, a growing number of empowered young people are choosing independence over marriage, romance and even children.

Basically, they’re making a positive commitment to long- term lavish singledom. Brands need to acknowledge this development and outgrow the idea that the family is their exclusive target audience. Brands must also cater to the needs of this new, financially independent audience.

Some brands are taking important first steps to address these needs, which include security, freedom of choice, personal care and affordability. For example, a jewelry brand expanded its line from only “occasion” items to include less expensive merchandise designed to enable young women to express their individuality.

The growing number of dating apps is evidence of the need for companionship without having to put an official seal on the relationship, a development that marketers are leveraging. While this audience of young singles is niche today, it is growing and brands must pursue this opportunity by celebrating the life choices these people make.