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India 2015: OVERVIEW | Our Insights | SOCIAL MEDIA

Treat social media influencers like high value customers 

Mihir Karkare

Co-founder & VP
Social Wavelength


Today on social media anyone able to create valuable content with an authentic voice can gather a significant audience, with no cost and zero technical know-how. This phenomenon has resulted in the rise of the social media influencer.

They offer an opportunity that brands are underleveraging. Accustomed to thinking of the lifetime value of a customer, brands need to compound that value by the extent to which a social media influencer can take a (positive or negative) message about the brand to his or her network.

For one of our telecom clients we identified customers with potential to reach 10,000 people or more on social media. We tagged them “platinum customers,” a label usually reserved for extremely high spenders. Some of these influencers spent only a few hundred rupees a month, but were capable of creating value through their reach and influence.

As “platinum customers”, these influencers received phenomenal customer service. The positive messages they shared with their audiences were worth far more than the incremental increase in the service cost. Social media influence is powerful. The caution is that brands must ensure that it’s positive.