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India 2015: TOP 50 ANALYSIS | Overview

India Top 50 score well in brand equity metrics 

The BrandZTM India Top 50 brands are generally comparable to Global Top 50 in all of the BrandZTM metrics that comprise brand equity – Meaningful, Different and Salient. 

The India Top 50 and Global Top 50 diverged somewhat in three BrandZTM measurements of competitive advantage that are driven by strong brand equity – Brand Premium, Brand Power and Brand Potential.

Brands in the India and global rankings are roughly equal in their ability to command a Premium, which means that on average Indian brands have been able to demonstrate that they are Different in some Meaningful way from their competition.

In Brand Power, a measurement of a brand’s ability to win sales and market share, the India Top 50 significantly outscored the Global Top 50, reflecting the Salience, or top-of-mind awareness, that the India Top 50 enjoy in India. In contrast, the scores for global brands are averaged across the many country markets in which they compete.

The multi-market presence can work to the advantage of global brands because it adds brand building experience that helps drive the Potential score, which is somewhat higher for the global brands than for brands in the India ranking. With more limited brand building experience, brands in India overall have been less effective in leveraging their strong Premium and Brand Power scores in ways that assure future success.

An analysis of the BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands over the past 10 years revealed a group of success drivers, including Brand Purpose, Brand Proposition, Innovation and Love. These drivers also present challenges to the future success of brands in India.

Finally, a story about RepZ, a BrandZTM measurement of corporate and brand reputation, analyzes reputation in India. Important worldwide because of the erosion of consumer trust in brands and large institutions, reputation is an especially relevant topic in India. Indian consumers expect brands to participate in the national effort to build a more prosperous and equitable society. Brands in India generate higher trust than brands worldwide. Similarly, the India Top 50 brands scored well in RepZ, although there’s room for improvement. 

India Top 50 and Global Top 50 are comparable in brand equity metrics...

India brands are generally comparable to global brands in all of the BrandZTM metrics that comprise brand equity.

... And diverge in metrics of competitive advantage

Indian and global brands diverge somewhat in three BrandZTM measurements of competitive advantage.