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India Insight | Diversity

The Indian market is composed of a number of distinct socio-economic clusters, each different from the other. These clusters are characterized by homogeneity in tastes and culture across different demographic strata – probably caused by the deeply embedded codes of India’s ancient civilization.

Street food is a great example. The same street food, balls of deep-fried bread with various fillings, can be called golgappa, panipuri or phuchka, depending on the region, yet they’re equally popular across income classes. This complexity applies to festivals and movies too.

Marketers have had great ideas to leverage this diversity – whether it is Frito Lay’s regional innovation centers to develop local snack foods or Asian Paints’ attempt to win over the Bengali consumer through deep and meaningful association with the annual Hindu Durga Puja Festival. More such ideas are needed to win in the complex Indian marketplace.

Soumitra Sengupta

Group Account Director

Millward Brown