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India Insight | Diversity

There are many Indias. MNCs (Multinational Corporations) entering India often learn this fact the hard way. The country splits into six roughly homogenous geographic clusters that inform how consumers respond to advertising.

While the appeal of children in slice-of-life situations is universal across clusters, celebrity appeal differs. TV personalities work in Mumbai but not in parts of Uttar Pradesh in the North. Similarly, appeals to the heart work in Delhi, but an appeal to the head is necessary for an ad to work well in the South. Glamour and style works well in Delhi, but a more subtle expression of sensuality, perhaps a dewdrop on parched skin, works in West Bengal.

Understanding this phenomenon is critical for brand success in India. Having analyzed the implications for TV commercials, Millward Brown continues to examine and codify the challenges and opportunities for print and other media.

Mayank Agarwal

Marketing and Business Development Director

Millward Brown