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India Insight | Ecommerce

Women shocked us when they went all out and ordered clothes and shoes online. A huge change considering that they forsook the fitting room and relied on what the online retailer’s website promised.

Now we see a smaller change, but with large implications – buying car tires online.

Despite having a wide choice of tires to choose from, the consumer, more often than not, ends up buying a tire that a dealer wants to sell. A tire purchase is probably the lowest involvement decision made when it comes to a car.

However, we see this changing. More and more websites are attracting both consumers making their tire purchase decision online, and auto enthusiasts keeping track of new tire-related products and technologies.

Through a website one can choose and compare prices and buy tires and select a convenient time slot for a fitting service. Tires can be delivered – and installed – at the consumer’s home, place of work or parking spot.

Fad or trend? Only time will tell. However, the rules of selling tires in India will be rewritten. And those new rules will impact the online presence of other low-interest product categories.

Zubin Tatna

National Director, Integrated Planning