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India Insight | Ecommerce

Indian ecommerce brands are still stuck in barrier mitigation mode – promoting the advantages of ecommerce over offline shopping, of convenient shopping, on-time deliveries, attractive discounts and more.

While these are relevant pain points, online shopping in India is much more than a feature-driven transaction that is mimicked in our advertising. Instead, it’s a rich palette of new habits and rituals waiting to be explored. For some, the pleasure of online shopping is opening a parcel at the office, which may lead to conversation and a welcome break from work. For others, online shopping is therapeutic, for some it’s compensating for time away from loved ones, etc.

With over 25 million early adopters, there is an emerging culture of online shopping in India that remains untapped. Brands need to look beyond the transactional value of ecommerce and recognize this emerging culture to create a distinct proposition in this increasingly competitive space.

Devang Raivani

Assistant Vice President & Planning Director