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India Insight | Emotional Selling

Brands in India have traditionally differentiated themselves with features and benefits. However, with the influence of globalization, new media, low-cost technologies, and heightened competition, products and services are becoming interchangeable. Homogeneity appears to be becoming universal.

In this environment, brands need to move from relying exclusively on unique selling propositions and also devise emotional selling propositions. Because emotions affect people at a hidden, subconscious level, an emotional appeal can be more powerful than one based only on features and benefits.

Brands should infuse emotion into their narrative, the story that communicates what the brand is, what it means to the consumer and why the consumer should care.The most compelling brands stories don’t tell consumers what to feel, rather they elicit an emotional response. Procter & Gamble, Coke and Pepsi are among the few brands in India that have successfully adopted this approach. And in an increasingly competitive market like India, the emotional approach may be the most reliable way to drive brand preference.

Roma Singhal

Group Head, Planning