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India Insight | Mobile

With the smartphone boom and increased mobile Internet access, mobile has become an enormous repository of data. Here are three ways for marketers to leverage this data:

Engagement with stakeholders With mobile, one medium can economically reach multiple stakeholders with a targeted and relevant message.

Mobile as a media channel Content is easily accessed anywhere through mobile, either as an app, mobile video, or SMS text. In addition, with the “missed call” tactic, marketers can reach more financially constrained rural consumers who receive messages without paying for the calls.

Shopper marketing Mobile can disseminate product and promotion information in real time, alerting customers with personalized offerings that drive sales.

Mobile is part of the marketing portfolio, a medium that can boost awareness and response at each touch point. Clever marketers must find new ways to use this versatile tool.

Priti Murthy

National Director Insights

Maxus India