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India Insight | New Expectations

As wealth and material goods become more evenly distributed throughout the Indian economy, new expectations and a sense of entitlement are replacing the early sense of appreciation and gratitude. Now “Been there, done that” is too often the default reaction to experiences that once elicited awe and excitement.

This phenomenon isn’t specifically Indian. It’s human. The particularly Indian expression reflects the rapid transformation of the nation’s economy from agrarian to industrial and then to service-based and increasingly experiential.

With the explosion of choice, combined with high disposable income, products and services that not long ago seemed well beyond reach are today considered commonplace. Less impressed with material goods, consumers are looking for self-improvement and even self-transformation.

This trend accounts for the growing popularity of image makeover workshops, cosmetic surgery groups, spiritual gurus, coaching professionals, spas and stem cell banking to treat future health issues. Marketers need to understand and anticipate the needs of this changed consumer who seeks more than the momentary experience.

Surekha Poddar

Managing Director

Millward Brown Mumbai