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India Insight | New Mentality

Indians have been in a breathless chase to prove a point to themselves and others. One important consequence of this dynamic is that individual desires took priority over the collective welfare and personal gratification became more important than social progress. This shift was reflected in governance and businesses, two bastions of a society that indulged in selfish gains at all costs.

Decades of broken political promises resulted in an inherent cynicism that until now was brushed under the carpet with indifference. But there is a tipping point for everything and we have come to ours. Numbness has been replaced by angst, apathy by responsibility and words by acts. Indians are now looking to create symbiotic, wholesome relationships that can both build and sustain progress. Brands that align with this awakened social consciousness will be trusted, respected and endorsed.

Aniruddha Khandekar

Senior Planning Director

Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai