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India Insight | No Borders

Today we listen to books and watch music. Thank you Kindle and YouTube. Audiobook sites like BooksTALK and Reado are increasingly popular. Viral videos connect the world. Today we sit in a comfortable chair to shop. Thank you again Amazon, and thank you Snapdeal, Flipkart, Myntra, and all the other ecommerce sites.

The traditional patterns of consumption, across categories, seem turned upside down. And today’s Indian consumers seem fine with this disruption. They’re open, flexible and adaptable, not bound by old school thinking and actions. To reach these consumers marketers need to be equally nimble.

Adjust your brand for this new consumer. Think no borders. Question old assumptions. Indians today enjoy cornflakes for breakfast rather than the traditional parathas bread. A small detail, perhaps, but if that’s how Indians start the morning, imagine how their lives have changed for the rest of the day.

Prasun Basu

Managing Director

Millward Brown South Asia