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India Insight | Offline Experience

In a world of ecommerce, what happens to offline? We need to rethink and redefine this channel to create brand loyalty in a promiscuous digital world. Going forward sale channels will undergo role reversals- where online drives sales, offline will drive brand and product experience.

Consumers will need to be urged to synergize the conveniences of shopping online with value-added in-store experiences. Brand theatre, iconography, and store design will create unique ambience. Service will be a differentiator.

Novel experiences, partnerships, and giveaways will be reasons to share the brand beyond the store. Community and cultural events, cause advocacy, and product demonstrations and trials can engage with a captive real-life audience instead from behind a computer screen.

We need to leverage our brand’s inimitable strengths at offline, which is the real-world manifestation of the brand. And some things have a truly visceral essence only when experienced live. You see, no online store can replicate the smell of old books and coffee.

Kamakshi Thareja

Account Planning Director