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India Insight | Personalization

In the last decade, the concept of personalization has witnessed a phenomenal evolution. A term adopted and formalized in management practice in the mid-nineties, personalization has been used, overused, and even abused to describe any offering that targets the individual consumer’s preferences and interests in any manner – big or small.

Now digital marketing, born just yesterday, has already inspired many more personalization initiatives. Clearly, much experimentation still lies ahead. Personalization can assume amazing forms and shapes across channels.

Amidst all the innovations that technology is making possible, however, the most basic, ancient, and stripped down definition of personalization will always hold – talking to your consumer one-to-one; interactions from me to you, from you to me, and not once but through a lifetime.

Sandeep Pandey

Practice Leader, South Asia

Consulting, Analytics and Intelligence