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India Insight | Sustainability

While the West strongly advocates the philosophy of green living, this imperative has evolved after years of persistent environmentalist advocacy.

With one of the highest GDP levels among fast growing countries, in India, the concept of sustainability is understandably alien. On one hand the affluent are just beginning to taste contemporary extravagances, while on the other, the underprivileged still suffer from illiteracy and poverty. Everyone is simply trying to maximize life today, which is why worrying about a better tomorrow for the planet is incomprehensible.

Indians are unlikely to adopt environmentalism en masse out of a sense of good citizenship. What will work for Indians, however, are practical demonstrations that sustainable practices yield personal benefits. For example, energy conservation would lead to lower utility bills. A green conscience could be the new social currency for the affluent, like eco-weddings.

Reny Thomas

Planning Director

Ogilvy & Mather