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India Insight | Visual Merchandising

First impresssions are critical. Recent research shows that 80 percent of the decision to purchase is emotional, while only 20 percent is rational and considered. This distinction illustrates the impact that an attractive and well executed merchandising program can have on sales.

Visual merchandising is not an isolated and one-off phenomenon but rather forms a significant component of retailing. Besides the window displays, which are designed to attract walk-ins, there are also in-store activities that enhance the shopper’s experience and convenience while shopping.

Effective visual merchandising increases awareness of a company’s most important assets, its brands. Merchandising will enhance a brand’s exposure and increase sales. It is also extremely important for protecting and growing market share.

In an increasingly intensifying marketplace, growing market share requires brands to consistently differentiate from their competitors. But success and growth make it harder to to ensure brand consistency at every point of the consumer journey. Visual merchandising inserts the brand and reinforces consistency at key points on this journey.

Rajan Zachariah

Country Head

Smollan India