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India Insight | Women and Financial Independence

Marketers seeking to connect with modern Indian women will encounter a major opportunity if they look beyond old assumptions and stereotypes. Women today seek financial independence. Work and career is a high priority. In a recent JWT study, a whopping 85 percent of middle class women in their 20s, 30s and 40s said that career defines a successful woman. (We surveyed women in Indian SEC Groups A and B.)

When we asked younger women, ages 20 to 24, “Thinking about your generation compared to your mothers, which of the following do you think have beenmost influential for women?” they cited opportunities for work and career (53 percent) and financial independence/spending power (43 percent) as the most influential drivers for change for women. The also listed financial independence and career advancement as a top goal (65 percent).

Older women, in their 30s and 40s, also revealed similar desires for financial independence. Their priorities included wanting to advance a career (40 percent), start a business (36 percent), travel the world (45 percent), as well as buy a home (37 percent) and a car (36 percent).

This deep desire for financial independence offers a fresh platform for brands to forge connections with an audience it viewed mainly through an emotive lens. Brands can play newer roles in women’s lives – as enabler, catalyst, educator, sponsor, benefactor, and advocate for their financial independence.

Shaziya Khan

Executive Planning Director

and Vice President