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India Insight | Women at Work

Yes, the urban Indian woman is venturing into the working world traditionally dominated by men. In the beginning, she dreams about joining the workforce, even aiming to reach the very top. But often she falters at the threshold.

Societal expectations, safety concerns and her own guilt are just some of the challenges holding her back. For her, the focus on family, kids and husband has not diminished, nor will it ever. So often she finds herself taking a step back, allowing herself to seamlessly slip into the very shadows from which she dreamt about emerging.

Brands have an important role to play in this journey. Brands can support her and stand by her choices. But here is an opportunity for brands to do what most family members don’t. To help her slowly change the expectations she has for herself.

Brands can help her bridge the gap between hesitation and determination. They can inspire her, show her what she can do and encourage her with myriad wonderful ideas stemming from identity and independence.

Aparna Jain

Planning Director

Ogilvy & Mather