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India Insight | Youth Marketing

You’re 22 already and you haven’t been to Egypt yet?

Along with the usual peer and family pressures, youth today are facing an added expectation called, “Twenty-somethings must do this.” And they must do it – test their options and experience many adventures – by the self-imposed deadline of age 30. To an extent, young people feel compelled to live the fantasies their favorite brands create.

Brands need to be sensitive to the stress these fantasies potentially produce. Brands have an opportunity to help young people aspire to become their genuine selves, not a media-created ideal. Brands can tell the youth that it’s okay to be dependent on your parents for a while, or it’s okay to have only traveled only a limited amount or to focus on building career.

Such brands will achieve differentiation and respect.

Shriya Sengupta

Group Planning Head

Ogilvy & Mather