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India Insight | Youth Marketing

Indian youth are coping with the dramatic shift from boom times to gloom times that happened over the past few years. They’re reacting to a troubled economy and job market, social decay, political corruption and the paralysis of development policies. A study from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences characterized eight out of 10 Indian youth between ages 15 and 16 as angry. Youth have adopted these coping strategies:

  • 1.Offense Strategy Unrestrained expressions of anger as seen in protests and agitations, on the streets and on the digital media, across the country and especially in the overwhelming defeat of the United Progressive Alliance party.
  • 2.Defense Strategy Unique and engaging experiences including interest in new technologies, live music, novel drinking and dining out experiences, exploring exotic cooking, and high-adrenaline travel adventure.
  • 3.Resilience Strategy Unleashing potential in innovation and creativity, launching start-ups, posting online content, and performing in bands and as stand-up comedians.

For brand marketers who want to reach today’s Indian youth, the following themes are likely to resonate with them: advocating for positive social change, indulging in unique and engaging experiences, and expressing creativity in pursuit of success.

Rinku Ray Choudhury

Assistant Vice President

Strategic Planning Director