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Company: Telekomunikasi Indonesia Persero Tbk PT

Brand Value: US$827 million

Year on Year Change: 33%

Headquarters: Jakarta

Category: Telecom Providers

Year Formed: 2013

IndiHome is a fast-growing provider of home broadband, fixed-line phone, interactive TV (called UseeTV) and mobile phone services. The number of IndiHome’s subscribers grew from 2.9 million subscribers in 2017 to 5 million by the end of 2018, in part as a result of IndiHome featuring all 64 World Cup matches live. The brand aims to add a further 2.5 million subscribers in 2019; part of the strategy involves its “3 on 3” program, allowing only 3 percent service disruption, and disruptions resolved in under three hours. In the past year, several new services have been launched, including Paket IndiHome Gamer, a package designed for gamers and HBO GO, providing HBO entertainment to subscribers on the move. The brand is a heavy user of competitions to promote new features and engage consumers, and has moved into social media this year, launching its presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It sponsors music and sporting events, including the IndiHome eSport League.