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Indonesia 2015 | Brand Profiles | 17 | Rinso

Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand value: US$949 million

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Industry: Home Care

Year formed: 1970

Global laundry brand urges kids to get dirty and have fun

Rinso is a premium-priced laundry detergent and one of biggest sellers in its category in Indonesia. Known in other markets as Omo, Breeze, and Surf Excel, Rinso communications focus on the slogan ”Dirt is Good”, and show that children develop best when they’re allowed to get dirty. Rinso is the laundry category’s biggest advertising spender, and it positions itself as the brand that can remove dirt and stains in the first wash. In 2014, Rinso developed branded content to show the fun and experience children can have when they’re not afraid of getting dirty; a game show, Zona Main Rinso, ran on the national TransTV network, featuring kids completing challenging, fun – and, naturally, dirty – obstacle courses.

Although Rinso maintains its strong position in a highly competitive market, its main challenge now is to justify its price premium, given that rival brands that are sold at a lower price than Rinso have begun to focus on a similar stain-removal promise.