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Indonesia 2015 | Brand Profiles | 33 | Lifebuoy

Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand value: US$275 million

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Industry: Personal care

Year formed: 1948

Focus on germ-killing takes brand beyond traditional soap into new products

Lifebuoy offers affordable health, hygiene, and protection against germs, with a range of soap and other cleansing products for the whole family. Its products aren’t the cheapest on the shelf, but are seen as accessible, an important factor given that the brand’s communications in Indonesia and around the region focus on the importance of hand washing in promoting good health.

Lifebuoy has been running a global public education campaign to encourage hand-washing, one of the largest of its kind in the world. While the distinctive red bar of Lifebuoy soap remains at the heart of the range, there are other variants, including Color Changing soap aimed at children, and the more premium Clini Shield. Lifebuoy has also moved beyond soap with a shampoo product. The brand’s strongest competitor is Dettol, which has a similar message of being tough on germs, but Lifebuoy remains the market leader. Unilever is listed on the Indonesia Stock