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Indonesia 2015 | Brand Profiles | 38 | Clear

Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

Brand value: US$216 million

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Industry: Personal care

Year formed: 1975

Strong links with national football brings success for shampoo brand

Clear is an anti-dandruff shampoo that over the past 40 years has become one of the biggest shampoo brands in Indonesia, thanks to heavy communications investment from parent company Unilever, and the appeal of dandruff treatments in a tropical climate where dandruff is a common problem. In its communications, Clear’s slogan is ”Tak Ada yang Disembunyikan”, or “Nothing to hide”, which was introduced to the market in TV commercials featuring well-known Indonesian actor and singer Agnes Monica, in 2013. Clear positions itself as the only brand that is truly effective against dandruff. The brand has been a long-term supporter of Indonesian football and the footballing chant “Ayo Indonesia Bisa”, or ”Go, Indonesia, we can!”, has become associated with Clear. The brand has recently sponsored the AIB Academy for up-and-coming footballers. Of all the Unilever shampoo brands, Clear attracts the highest media investment. Unilever Indonesia is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.