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Indonesia 2015 | Brand Profiles | 48 | BTN

Company: Bank Tabungan Negara Persero Tbk PT

Brand value: US$117 million

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Industry: Banking

Year formed: 1897

Historic banking brand helping consumers on to the housing ladder

BTN’s heritage goes back to 1897, when it was established during the Dutch colonial era as Postpaarbank. In 1950, the Government of Indonesia changed its name to Bank Tabungan Pos, and in 1963 it took its current name. The bank has the largest mortgage portfolio in Indonesia, and consumer credit for housing has been its focus since the 1970s, when it was appointed by the government as the only institution at the time allowed to provide mortgages to lower income earners. BTN works with the government, which is aiming to provide one million homes a year to low-income families, by providing subsidized credit at lower-than-market interest rates, and the ability to buy a home with a 1 percent deposit. Like most consumer banks in Indonesia, BTN offers shariah banking products. In 2009 it was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The Government of Indonesia is the majority stakeholder, with employees and the public owning the