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Indonesia 2015 | Brand Profiles | 7 | BNI

Company: Bank Negara Indonesia Persero Tbk PT

Brand value: US$2,042

Headquarter city: Jakarta

Industry: Banking

Year formed: 1946

Emphasis on shariah-compliant financial services

BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) is best known as a provider of credit and banking services for large government projects as well as big business and smaller enterprises. Calling itself the “Pride of the Nation” in its communications, BNI is also regarded as a leader in shariah-compliant financial services, from current accounts and credit cards to investment services, mortgages and insurance. BNI’s consumer banking arm has issued credit cards to 1.7 million people, who can use them with 40,000 merchants.

BNI works closely with universities to generate new customers, and has run a series of recent marketing campaigns involving competitions for children with trips to Disneyland as prizes. It has also partnered with the national airline, Garuda Indonesia, on promotions. The bank has won a host of recent industry awards, particularly for its Islamic banking products. BNI has offices in London, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong, and a South Korean branch is expected to open soon. In 1996, BNI became the first state-owned bank to list on the Indonesia Stock Exchange when 25 percent of its equity was sold to the public. The bank remains majority state-owned.