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Indonesia 2015 | Overview | Brand Contribution

Brand contribution measures the impact of brand alone, without financials or other factors, in the mind of the consumer. It is the intangible asset of the brand itself, which exists in the minds of consumers. A high brand contribution score – on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest – suggests that a brand is resilient and is able to increase sales volume and charge a premium.

To measure brand contribution, we focus on the three aspects of brands that we know make people buy more and pay more for brands: being Meaningful (a combination of emotional and rational affinity), being Different (or at least feeling that way to consumers), and being Salient (coming to mind quickly and easily as the answer when people are making category purchases). We identify the purchase volume and any extra price premium delivered by these brand associations.

The brand contribution measure is what helps make BrandZ™ such a unique and important ranking. BrandZ™ is the only brand valuation methodology that obtains this customer view through in-depth quantitative consumer research, both online and face-to-face, building up a global picture of brands on a category-by-category and market-by-market basis.

Indonesia’s Top 10 brand contribution marques are much-loved names from FMCG categories, many of which have been store-cupboard staples in people’s homes for decades. SariWangi tea has been served for more than 40 years in this market, as have Indomie noodles, with Bimoli cooking oil offering more than 30 years of heritage. In personal care, Pepsodent has a decades-long presence in Indonesia, Rinso has clocked up nearly half a century of service, and Dji Sam Soe cigarettes have been around for more than a century. All of these brands registered a five on the brand contribution scale, along with Garuda Indonesia, the national airline, which was formed in 1949. Ciputra, A Mild and Agung Podomoro were among the brands achieving a four on this scale.