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Indonesia 2015 | Overview | Brand value

Value is concentrated at the top of the list

The value of the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands 2015 is concentrated at the top of the ranking and among just two dominant categories. The Top 5 brands in the ranking together account for 57 percent of the value of the Top 50 brands, and three of those five brands are banks. The Top 5 brands are BCA, BRI, Telkomsel, Mandiri and A Mild.

Banks and other consumer finance brands together account for US$27.5 billion of the US$64.6 billion value of the Top 50, while tobacco brands account for a further US$14.8 billion. Telkomsel is the only telecom brand to appear in the Top 10.

Outside the Top 5, the brands in the Top 50 represent a broad range of industry sectors, with strong performances from real estate, food and dairy, soft drinks, personal care, retail, and entertainment brands. This diversity of brands is not dissimilar to the range that performs well in other countries’ BrandZ™ rankings. Together, the brands represented paint a life-like picture of present-day Indonesia. The banking and real estate sectors are essential to how the country and its economy are developing – telecoms and entertainment indicate consumers’ appetite for technology and being connected, while the prominence of tobacco, food and dairy, soft drinks, and personal care brands help illustrate everyday life in this market.

Brand Value is concentrated at the top of the Indonesia Top 50.

Such a high concentration of brand value at the top of the ranking is consistent with other markets. In the BrandZ™ India Top 50, the Top 5 brands accounted for 45 percent of the value of all of the brands ranked, and it is a similar picture in China (the Top 5 account for 56percent of the Top 50’s value) and Brazil (52 percent). In contrast, only 28 percent of total brand value is concentrated in the Top 5 brands in the BrandZ™ Global . The dominance of banks in the Indonesia Top 50 is consistent with BrandZ™ rankings in other fast-growing markets.

Indonesia Top 50 Breakdown