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Indonesia 2015 | Overview | Categories & Brands

Financial services brands make an extremely strong showing in the Indonesian rankings, with 12 brands making the Top 50, and three banks featuring in the top five. Financial services brands together account for 24 percent of the Indonesian Top 50 by number of brands – exactly the same proportion as was seen in India, while in Brazil the figure was 12 percent and in the China Top 100, they comprised 15 percent of the index.

Unlike other markets, tobacco brands featured heavily in the Indonesian rankings, with seven brands in the index – six of them in the top 12. In no other country’s BrandZ rankings have tobacco brands featured, and only one has made the Global Top 100. There are two factors at play here: first, in common with many other markets in Southeast Asia, the incidence of smoking is extremely high. Second, Indonesia is one of the very few markets in the world where television advertising for cigarette brands is still allowed – albeit at limited times of day and with restrictions on what can be shown.

Fast-moving consumer goods brands comprise 28 percent of brands ranked in the BrandZ™ Indonesian Top 50, led by food and dairy, soft drinks, home care and personal care brands. This is broadly comparable to what we see in other fast-growing markets (40 percent in India, 9 percent in China and 14 percent in Brazil).

The strong presence of property developers in the Top 50, with eight real estate brands in the Top 50, reflects the strong growth of this sector and its role in the Indonesian economy.

As in India, the technology sector does not figure prominently in the Indonesian Top 50; major global technology players such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn operate freely in Indonesia, and home-grown technology companies have not so far emerged with anything more compelling. Tech-related brands that do make the Top 50 are providing telecom services.