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15 Rinso

Company: Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT 
Brand value: US$1,067 million
Year on year change: 12%
Headquarter city: Jakarta 
Industry: Home Care 
Year formed: 1970 
Rinso is a premium-priced laundry detergent and one of biggest sellers in its category in Indonesia. For several years, communications have centred on the slogan ‘Berani Kotor itu Baik’ or ‘Dirt is Good’, and the message that children develop best when they’re allowed to have adventures and get dirty. A recent TV commercial launched in late 2015 featuring a baby carrying out adult roles successfully, but still getting most of its messy meal over its mother’s clothes. Advertising in the past year has focused on the Rinso Molto Ultra liquid variant, Rinso Anti Noda and Rinso Matic.
Rinso positions itself as the brand that can remove dirt and stains in the first wash, but has had to work hard to justify its premium price in a highly competitive market in which cheaper brands are making similar stain-removing promises, have been promoting their appealing fragrances or have been urging low-income consumers to switch from laundry cream to laundry powder. Rinso is known in other markets around the world as Omo, Breeze and SurfExcel, and is part of the Unilever Indonesia stable.