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GG Mild

Company: Gudang Garam Tbk PT 
Brand value: US$227 million
Year on year change: -17%
Headquarter city: Kediri 
Industry: Tobacco 
Year formed: 2013 
GG Mild is a mild-flavoured cigarette brand launched by Indonesian tobacco giant Gudang Garam in 2013. It is a mid-priced brand and tends to appeal to young men. Marketing messages feature young, adventurous adults and carry the tagline “Break the Limit”; the brand is a frequent sponsor of live music events. GG Mild Shiver, a mentholated variant, launched two years ago, invites smokers to “Feel the continuous freezing experience” in its marketing. 
The Gudang Garam stable of cigarette brands dates back to 1958, when all its cigarettes were hand-rolled. Machine production began in the late 1970s, and both hand-made and machine-rolled cigarettes are popular across Indonesia. Advertising of tobacco products is heavily restricted, but television commercials are allowed at certain times of day and marketing investment by the tobacco sector is huge. 
Some Gudang Garam shares have been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990, but the Wonowidjojo family, which founded the company, still owns a majority stake.