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Company: Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk PT 
Brand value: US$179 million
Year on year change: 16%
Headquarter city: Jakarta 
Industry: Food and Dairy
Year formed: 1982 
Sarimi is among the largest instant noodle brands in Indonesia and as one of the cheapest tends to be popular with low-income earners and rural residents. The brand carries out an on-going series of events called Dendang Sarimi, which links the brand with dangdut, a style of local music, and with fun activities such as quizzes and food festivals. In the past year, these events have been used to promote Sarimi as a great value product, with large portions and good quality. Parent company Indofood has also organized a large culinary event in Jakarta, Indofood Festival Pilihan Rakyat, to promote its brands.
Sarimi has recently extended its product range with single-portion packs of dishes such as Sarimi Ayam Kecap (chicken soy sauce fried noodles), and has used young actor Aliando Syarief as brand ambassador in its communications to support the launch of single packs. They have also launched new products inspired by traditional Indonesian dishes, and have targeted mothers looking to prepare speedy breakfasts or light afternoon family snacks with new products.
Sarimi is distributed in several ASEAN countries but is less well known than Indomie, which is also made by Indofood. Indofood is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.