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Company: The Coca-Cola Company

Brand value: US$1,314 million

Change since 2018: 35%

Headquarter city: London

Category: Beverages

Year formed: ‎1999

Innocent began as three friends selling smoothies at music festivals and has grown into a multinational business with 350 people and products sold in 15 countries. In late 2018, the business reported annual revenue growth of 22 percent, as a surge in international sales boosted revenue to almost £370 million. The brand was bought by The Coca-Cola Company a decade ago but continues with the mission of its founders: to do good. Innocent donates 10 percent of profits to charity, mainly to the Innocent Foundation, which supports organisations around the world helping stop hunger. The brand’s annual “Big Knit” campaign encourages members of the public to knit little woolly hats for the tops of Innocent smoothie bottles; for each one sold, Innocent gives 25p to Age UK. The brand has been at the centre of a light-hearted online controversy this year, launching a new “Bolt from the Blue” smoothie that the Twitter world is adamant is actually green.