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Company: The Coca-Cola Company

Brand value: US$1,475 million

Change since 2019: 12%

Headquarter city: London

Category: Beverages

Year formed: ‎1999

Innocent began as three friends selling smoothies at music festivals and has grown into a multinational business. The brand has steadily extended the range from smoothies into juices, sparkling juice and dairy-free milks, and has now moved into shots combining fruit, vegetables and vitamins, designed for the health-conscious consumer on the go. The shots followed the launch of an Innocent Plus range of juices made with botanicals and vitamins as well as fruit and vegetables.

The brand has always had a somewhat cheeky persona, and it used this to provide some light relief during the COVID-19 outbreak. Its Twitter feed promoted mischief-making among people working from home, such as gate-crashing video conference calls, and helpfully announced the day of the week for those losing track of time. Innocent has announced the selection of carbon-neutral design for a new processing factory in the Netherlands, which will produce 400 million bottles of juice a year and provide 190 jobs.