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Innovation focus for nation’s biggest bank


Company: Bank Central Asia Tbk PT 

Brand value: US$10,537 million

Headquarter city: Jakarta 

Year on year change: 13%

Industry: Banking 

Year formed: 1957 


BCA (Bank Central Asia) is Indonesia’s largest bank by market capitalization and one of the largest banks in the region. It marks its 60th birthday this year. The bank has built its name on being one of the most accessible banks in the country, and now has a network of more than 1,200 branches and over 17,000 ATMs across Indonesia. The bank’s communications tagline has long been “BCA Senantiasa di sisi anda”, or “BCA, always at your side”, and the bank remains one of the most widely used consumer banks in the country, even though its monthly fees are among the most expensive. In 2016, advertising also focused on innovations in banking services, such as video banking at special ATMs and its Sakuku smartphone banking app. The ads feature the slogan “Inovasi BCA untuk anda”, or “BCA innovation for you”. The brand is active online and uses Facebook to engage consumers with news and the latest offers. In 2016, BCA posted net profit in 2016 of IDR 20.6 trillion, up from ID 18 trillion a year earlier. Despite weak overall demand for loans in the market, BCA’s loan portfolio grew by 7.3 percent.


BCA’s private label credit card, BCA Card, is accepted in Singapore and is part of a global alliance network, through which credit card holders are able to access merchants in other countries and take advantages of privileges such as discounts and free gifts. The bank’s founder, Sudono Salim, was one of the most high-profile Chinese-Indonesian businessmen in Indonesia. The company has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 2000; it is 47 per cent owned by the Hartono family, owners of the clove cigarette giant Djarum Group. Anthony Salim, one of the BCA founder’s sons, has a small stake in the company, and almost 53 per cent of the company is owned by other shareholders.