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Is it worth investing on differentiating your brand differentiation?

Cesar Zea

Vice President, Client Leadership

Kantar, Insights Division


Is it worth investing in brand differentiation?

Canadians are twice as likely to say differentiated brands are their first choice. They are also much more proud to use them.

So, why not just pick a differentiating point and invest in it? Unfortunately, it is not that easy—not even with big budgets. Of the brands in the Top 40, only one in four are considered different.

Meaningful differentiation starts with an ownable, tangible brand promise that can build an emotional connection with consumers. Great examples are Lululemon and Canada Goose. A good reputation, clear purpose, and good citizenship can also help. Good examples here are Tim Hortons, Cineplex, and Canadian Tire. Brands that are clearly differentiated, but are not meaningful for clients, need to ensure the market understands why their promise can meet their needs and strengthen Love.