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Company: Tata Motors Ltd

Brand value: US$1,913 million

Headquarter city: Whitley, Coventry

Industry: Cars

Year formed: 1922


Jaguar is a distinctly British brand of luxury car, which has been used by members of the British royal family as well as several British prime ministers. The brand draws on the rich history of the Jaguar name and positions itself as a premium brand that promotes expert design and performance, but also technological advancement and sustainability. “The Art of Performance” is the brand’s current tagline. There are 88 Jaguar showrooms in the UK, but the brand is known around the world and is sold in 113 countries. The brand’s current mission is to create innovative cars with a reduced environmental impact, and to help local communities through its corporate social responsibility programme. A recent innovation is Jaguar’s newest Ingenium engine, which it says maximises performance while lowering emissions and reducing running costs for owners. It is advertised as Jaguar’s most fuel-efficient engine to date.


In 2016, Jaguar won the Steve Wozniack award for tech excellence at the Festival of Marketing with its “Feel Wimbledon” campaign, which analysed the mood of spectators using biometric sensors. The brand frequently works with celebrity ambassadors and is currently working with Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, and the founder of Sportluxe.com, Bianca Cheah. Previous campaigns have included the “Good to be Bad” campaign starring British actors who have played movie villains. Jaguar Land Rover is now part of the Indian-based multinational TATA, which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India.